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Kingdom In Action Influencers come from all walks of life. And as such, we are blessed to be surrounded with those that share the identity of influence and excellence. They do so with uncompromised love for their fellow man.

KIA will continue to celebrate the dedicated professionalism that influencers across the cities of America bring to the Communities in the form of love, leading, teaching, etc..

It is here where you will find:

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City Advocates80%
Business Owners90%
Governmental Leaders79%

Also, People with a Vision and a Heart to see communities turned around to the glory of God.

Why You Should Join

We are stronger together
Movement that can reach across borders

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As you add your name and position to this list, you will enable KIA to speak hope, not only from a pulpit but from every platform of influence available. You have a voice, and together, we can make a difference in this country. If not now…..WHEN?????

Our concept of an influencer is an entity, or individual, that represents KIA with their God-given gifts and talents and financial support. This allows The Kingdom In Action Foundation to operate in communities, and other areas of need, by providing physical and spiritual support. This could be in the form of outreach ministry, feeding programs, leadership training, etc.

Please prayerfully consider joining together with a movement that can reach across denominational borders and religion to being hope to the communities of our Nation and the Good News of the Gospel to the lost and hurting.

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