About KIA


Kingdom In Action is a movement of like-minded pacesetters that have come together to bring positive change to our cities.  All of us have heard a public outcry for change in the broken areas of our cities. The deterioration of morals is a growing problem.  

 We have come together to seek God for the answers and for the strategic approach to bettering our cities. With the help of our Mayors and city leaders, K.I.A. has a vision for kingdom REVITALIZATION.  
     God’s favor and God’s answers will return to our cities by us working with one another along with the city’s leadership.  We need your allegiance, affiliation, and collaboration as we walk this out.  With the focus remaining pure in motive before God the answers will come as we move forward.   
We will approach the Mayors of our targeted cities asking for their consent or approval to activate K.I.A. in their city.  Jesus spoke of this sort of thing in Matthew 10:14 concerning the disciples being received or rejected in the cities that they entered. K.I.A. sees the Mayor’s acceptance as an open door to the city. God honors order. 
   It is our prayer that you would join us in this revolution for New Testament action in our cities. If one dares, ask why K.I.A.?  The answer is clear because
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You are simply going on record with us to hold and promote the K.I.A vision.  This helps K.I.A. by having a record of large numbers of like-minded people. Also gives you access to the app for continual ministerial connections and reports of K.I.A. activity.

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For those of you who want to become active with K.I.A. 
When K.I.A. is activated In a city, this Level of collaborator would be defined as someone who participated in the actual K.I.A. event. Examples … Prayer walk teams/ outreach / refreshments / distribution of goods / parking / sound / stage setup / crowd control / health tent / prayer tent etc.…
Become A


A monthly financial commitment.  We are a federally recognized 501c   This level enables K.I.A. to operate on a level that would represent the Kingdom with excellence. Empowering K.I.A. To operate with the best of resources and equipment.   This level gives the contributor a closer connection and full access to K.I.A. operations at an Event. As a financier of K.I.A, you will be identified as a VIP with special access to the green room as an honorary supporter.  Giving you the opportunity to meet and speak with our special guest along with other behind-the-scenes logistics. 

This is a brief glimpse into the heart of K.I.A. 

Please leave us your contact information and we will keep you informed of the latest developments.